In-Between International is a start-up company specialized in the innovative and sustainable treatment of Water Hyacinth after having discovered its key technical properties (close to wood fibers) and patented the first industrial process able to get back control on its proliferation. In-Between proposes a business model based on the valorization of a renewable but threat-full natural resource by developing bio-based materials while restoring bio-diversity creating employment and economic growth.

My name is Rebeka Bahadorani, and I am here to talk to you about « Cynthia ».

CYNTHIA® is at the crossroads of 2 worlds; The world of Human Beings & the one of Nature.

A long time ago in South America, in the late 19th century, a man fell in love with a beautiful flower called Water Hyacinth. So beautiful that he could not resist bringing it back home. Since that day, Water Hyacinth is invading rivers and lakes, covering them with a dark, dense, green carpet...