Wood Plastic Composites are materials combining the good properties of both thermoplastics (PE, PP, PVC…) and wood fibres or flour.


The global WPC market is anticipated to reach around 11 billion USD by 2027 with a CAGR 2019-2027 of 11%. The following factors primarily drive the wood plastic composites market:

· Growth: High demand for building and construction like for PVC decking and siding products (CAGR 12%).

· Circularity: Increasing demand for recyclable materials in the building and automotive industries.

· Environmental: Concern about the presence of harmful chemicals used in wood treatment


CYNTHIA® is a natural fibre available in a wide range of size owing to a specific grounding-milling process and ranging from 2-3 cm (fibre) to less than 1 mm (flour). CYNTHIA® flour can be easily processed on extruders with thermoplastics like PE, PP and PVC.




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